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compoundingAt Weaverville Drug, we can compound just about anything. We specialize in:

Veterinary Compounding; such as making that hard to swallow pill into an easily swallowed liquid with flavoring, or something that can be applied topically to your pet.

Pain medications for arthritis and neuralgia; for example, topical anti-inflammatory PLO gels are great when you can not tolerate the stomach upset associated with many oral NSAIDs.

Compounded Nausea Medications; a topical anti-nausea cream is great when you are too sick to take tablets or suppositories. 

Dermatologic; creams, ointments, and lotions (example: hydrocortisone cream and lotion for dry, itchy skin)

*Anything else you may need with the exception of sterile preparations such as compounds for the eye or injections.